Monday, September 5, 2016

Help Expand Solar Echoes!

There is a lot going on with Solar Echoes, but you have a chance to influence the course of this game universe! At Patreon, I'm running a crowd-funding campaign where contributors (patrons) have a say in what gets developed, and in what direction it goes. Your support helps me pay for the development time of artists and writers working on Solar Echoes products, but it also gives you the option to vote on which product you'd like to see us work on next. You'll gain access to inside-info, development progress, get sneak peeks at unreleased products, and, for some contributor levels, you'll even get products early, before they release to the public. Plus, you'll receive lots of exclusive monthly releases, like new NPC's, new full-color maps, a set of unreleased full-color character icons, and even your own unique emblem for your Solar Echoes team!

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