Friday, September 23, 2016

Miniatures and why we love them! (part 5/5)

Another benefit of 3D printing miniatures is the odd poses, shapes, and detail that is possible. Some of the limitations of traditional miniature production limit designs, and even require the assembly and gluing of pieces together. With 3D printing, supports can be printed to allow for extreme design options, and these supports can be easily cut away (Shapeways will do that for you and clean up the miniature before sending it.) Another bonus to using Shapeways is that I can print in different materials, and their more expensive and highly detailed material, “Frosted Ultra Detail Plastic,” is transparent. This was the perfect choice for the gelatinous, amoeba-like alien character, the Omul, and I designed the figure with this in mind. The pose of the insectoid Chiraktis would definitely require assembly and gluing with traditional casting methods, but with 3D printing, this amazing sculpt was done in a single piece, with fantastic results. In conclusion, 3D printing has enabled me to finally bring miniatures to the Solar Echoes game, and I hope everyone enjoys them, whether buying a full set of low-detail miniatures or ordering a high quality plastic print of your favorite Solar Echoes character for your very best paint job. The next time you play Solar Echoes, this miniature can be your in-game avatar!

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