Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Double-Edged Sword (part 3/5)

If you're self-publishing, the problem of distinguishing yourself without a publisher rests squarely on you. Building up a fanbase takes time, and sometimes it slips because we live in a fast-paced world where something shiny and new is always just around the corner. Indie video-game developers know that the first week their product releases is most likely going to be the best week of their sales, because the very next week, an entirely new line-up of games will release and steal their thunder. I've seen price drops on games appear sometimes within a month of release, which sadly suggests the desperation of a developer trying to squeeze out a few more sales before fading to obscurity. I remember decades ago before self-publishing became so easy. Did I have more of an attention span back then, or was it that there were just fewer choices, so I valued the products I bought that much more? The easier it is to self-publish and put products out there, the more saturated the market becomes, which makes it harder for consumers to choose and it is much less likely that they will commit with any kind of product loyalty.

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