Friday, September 9, 2016

New Human Drifter 3D Sculpt!

Another sculpt is nearly ready to go online for 3D printing at Shapeways: introducing the iconic human, as seen on the original Player's Guide front cover, this time holding different weapons. This human is depicted as a drifter--a space cowboy--who has the marks of experience, the weapons and the attitude to prove that he's not to be messed with. He totes an R-44 rifle and a Phoenix Pistol, wearing boots, a duster, a boonie hat, and a bandolier. The sculptor, Jeremy Gosser, did a great job at giving the human a casual but threatening attitude in this detailed miniature, and he's captured the image of the human on the Player's Guide quite well. Humans may not seem as exciting when compared to the other 6 alien races in Solar Echoes, but they are resilient, versatile, adaptable, and can hold their own against any of the races in the Interstellar Union!

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