Thursday, September 1, 2016

No Man's Sky (4/5)

Survival in itself is something one obviously must do to continue playing the game, but that begs the existential question, "What is the point of surviving?" It's easy to start questioning the point of surviving because this quickly becomes a circular argument if you're playing a survival game just to survive. The second fundamental goal of No Man's Sky is to journey to the center of the universe for answers to these questions. This creates countless goals, because to make this journey, you must harvest resources, discover and gather blueprints, craft and upgrade your gear and starship, and uncover the mysteries of alien languages to help you with trading and deciphering alien text. Along the way, you'll find alien monoliths with hints from "Atlas," the ancient something that is calling you to the center of the universe. Some gamers might not care to ask "Why?", but others will be compelled to know the reason for their existence, and why they have been called to find answers. Everything you do in the game does ultimately feel like it's aiming towards answering questions about why you are there and what purpose you have. Are your actions significant, and do they have an effect upon the vast universe? If they do, your actions might be unnoticeable and of no consequence to everyone except you.

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