Thursday, September 8, 2016

Help Expand Solar Echoes!

One of the projects I'm working on is the creation of dangerous alien lifeforms (sci-fi monsters) for characters to encounter. I've already been working with an excellent artist, John Fell, to create several of these, but I'd like to continue working with him and I need your help to do that. However, I'd also like your opinions. What kind of creature would you be interested in, something insectoid found on the Chiraktis homeworld, or maybe something aquatic found in the deep oceans of the Archaeloid homeworld? Or, it could be something completely unrelated to the character races—something dangerous that is out there on an uncolonized planet, just waiting to be discovered so it can find its way to civilization. I could either present the information voted on to John for the artistic design, or I could post the artwork of a lifeform he and I already designed and patrons could vote on its characteristics: how does it attack, how does it defend itself, what weaknesses or unusual behaviors does it have? Together, we could decide what this strange organism is like. Once decided, I'd put together all the details and release it to patrons so they could use it in their games. Later, this same lifeform might appear in a mission, and hopefully, in a larger archive of lifeforms if I can design enough of them!

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