Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Double-Edged Sword (part 4/5)

The advantages of using a publisher are numerous, but one that appeals most to me is that they often have built-in marketing. And why wouldn't they? They want your product to sell so they can make money off it, too! Of course, the traditional 50/50 profit split is a bit of a deterrent to most creators, and they will have to decide if 100% of next to nothing is worth the tradeoff to sacrificing 50% for a whole lot of something. That's not guaranteed, though; there are self-published creators that hit it big, and it's awesome that they retain product control and don't have to give up 50% of their profits to a publisher. Either way, however, the creator still has to hope to be lucky enough to get hit by that rare lightning bolt that sparks massive success, whether self-published or traditionally published. A reputable publisher can't guarantee a hit, but they know the industry and can at least help market you towards success, probably much better than you can yourself.

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