Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Double-Edged Sword (part 2/5)

There are actually several downsides to self-publishing. The first is that you have to do your own marketing. The second directly relates to that problem, and it is that because it has become so easy to self-publish, there is a major surplus of content to wade through and try to distinguish yourself from. Another downside is that, because it is so easy to self-publish, there is a huge range of quality out there, with excellent products mixed among products that...well...aren't. Quality control is something publishers can help sort out. But, it all depends on the industry. If you have inroads to a particular music audience, for instance, then spreading your work among them through concerts and conventions isn't impossible, and honestly, you'll probably do better on your own than having a publisher who rarely interfaces directly with the fans. But in other instances, reputable publishers in any industry already have a built-in following, and sometimes accessing that “fanbase” will vault you far beyond your own network.

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