Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Miniatures and why we love them! (part 2/5)

I obviously fall into the hobbyist, gamer, and collector category when it comes to miniatures, but there was a time that I also meticulously painted lead miniatures made by long-forgotten companies like Grenadier models. I still have over a hundred of those miniatures, some primed but never painted, others stored in the boxes they came in--boxes adorned with exciting fantasy or sci-fi scenes that are works of art I could never throw away. I've fit into all the categories of a miniature enthusiast that I can think of, but I never dreamed that I'd fit into the category I now find myself in: creator! Don't get me wrong, though, I'm not the artist who sculpted the new Solar Echoes miniatures--that honor belongs to 3D-Sculpting artist Jeremy Gosser at Time Portal Games. But I've been involved in the development, and being part of the artistic design process has been an incredible experience as a miniature enthusiast! Check out the newly finished Reln available at Shapeways. The Reln is a playable alien character in Solar Echoes that is a master con-artist, and we've affectionately named this miniature “The Harmless Reln.” http://shpws.me/MHKa


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