Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Model Painter in France (part 2)

Q: What was your process? What tools do you prefer to use, what color did you prime the miniature with, and how did you proceed from there?

A: My process is pretty straight-forward, I looked at the Player's Guide cover for reference, and sprayed both minis with Citadel Chaos Black, then with a zenithal light of Corax White to highlight all the highest spots. The base color of the Archaeloid was Bestial Brown and the Erwani was Caliban Green. I then layered highlights on both minis, working towards the yellow for the Aracheloid and the light green for the Erwani. The only fancy paint I used is some fluorescent pink from Warcolours, on the Erwani's head petals. Since they are both tabletop miniatures, in order to protect the paintjob, I use a glossy polymer varnish, and then the anti-shine spray from Army Painter. Most of my brushes are either from Army Painter or from Prince Arthur.

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