Friday, August 26, 2016

Model Painter in France Interview (part 5/5)

As I finish up the interview with the French model-painter, Thomas, he comments on the 3D print for the Erwani and his approach:

Q. Your painted Erwani was also very impressive. Did it help that the 3D-print was made of the high-grade, frosted ultra detail plastic? Can you talk about what inspired your color choices, and how you made the Erwani so vibrant?

A: The Erwani is a must buy in the ultra-detail version, in my opinion, because the model has some very fine details, like the thorns on the limbs, or the spikes on the thorn-pistol. If I had used only green, the fine details on the leaves would have been lost, so I highlighted them in transparent yellow. I also used fluorescent pink on the head petals, and tried to vary the shades of green on each part of the mini. The goal was to make it look like a tropical plant. As it is mentioned in the Mission Controller's Guide, the Erwani are an adaptable species, and after a few generations, they start to look like the local flora of their colony worlds, so I tried to reflect that in the color scheme.

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