Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Assumptions of the future (part 3/5)

There are other scenarios that could affect our assumptions that our future will involve constant technological growth. Just one massive EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) bomb dropped on us by our enemies would send us all back to the dark ages. No more cars, no more smartphones, no more computers. We may need to take survival lessons from the Amish, because if America suffers an EMP bomb, it would knock out all electricity and communication. Who is capable of this kind of attack? China, terrorists, and our own sun. That's right, a solar storm would the result of our sun having a large coronal mass ejection, and it has happened before, on August 28, 1859. There are other instances, and scientists are already saying we're do another one soon. These events weren't catastrophic in the past because our civilization didn't rely so heavily on electricity. But are we ready for the chaos that might ensue if we were without it, even for a couple weeks?

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