Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Monitoring our Brain Signals (part 3/5)

Hackers can pick up private information from your EEG signal, including information about what political party you are affiliated with, what your religious beliefs are, and what your sexual orientation is. This information could obviously be used to damage your reputation, or possibly even get you arrested someday in the future. And it's not just hackers that might scan and use this information: police officers and the government might gather information about you to convict you. These same people might use the technology as a remote lie detector! Images briefly flashed through an app can produce an emotional response. An established understanding in neuroscience is that a strong emotional response to a presented stimulus will produce a positive peak within the EEG signal, on average 300 milliseconds after the stimulus is received. This signal is known as the P300. In a scientific paper released by researchers, it is stated: “'the P300 can be used as a discriminative feature in detecting whether or not the relevant information is stored in the subject’s memory. P300 has a promising use within interrogation protocols that enable detection of potential criminal details held by the suspect.”

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