Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A Game Report from France (part 2/5)

The alien characters of the French gaming team approached the human tradition, known as a “baby shower,” by researching appropriate gifts to give the human agent, Zach Miller. Each one of the team succeeded in Resourcefulness or Cybertech checks, allowing them to gather information on this human custom. Khassim, the reptilian Krissethi on the team, decided to offer an ornate chain bracelet, which was very characteristic of his culture; Krissethi place great value on displays of wealth (bling.) Professor Zholtaan, the rational Reln, offered a book he wrote himself, entitled, “The Guide to Perfect Human Parenting According to Reln Educational Precepts,” in which were compiled several Reln studies on juvenile human psychology, supplemented by his own advice as well. Finally, the Archaeloid, Oosnubu, offered a very well-received gift to the parents: a weekend in an Archaeloid spa resort. This gift was agent Miller's favorite, and Oosnubu earned an extra XP point award as a result. This extra transition between missions is the kind of excellent story development that results in great character and team building among the players, which really helps build a campaign into a lasting and memorable experience! Find out tomorrow what happens after the celebration, when the team received their next mission: a derelict civilian ship called the “Ion Dream” was drifting near an uncolonized planet, on the fringe of Krissethi and Chiraktis territory. A brief distress signal from the ship warrants further investigation...

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