Friday, August 12, 2016

A Game Report from France (part 5/5)

While the team was in the cave, a sudden storm approached the canyon with lightning and heavy rain, greatly reducing visibility. Suddenly, the Archaeloid, Oosnubu, is shot by a sniper somewhere outside the cave, and falls unconscious to the ground. Prof. Zholtaân reacts quickly by trying to observe the entry point of the bullet to determine the position of the sniper, and throws up a nanite hedge to protect them from any further attacks. The nanite hedge instantly forms a wall they can hide behind for cover, and the team proceeds to return fire while trying to save Oosnubu. After finally defeating the sniper team, they find healing nanites on their bodies and are able to revive Oosnubu. The team then made their way out of the canyon and discovers the pirate base. After a short battle, they manage to defeat the pirates. They discover details of the pirate operation, some biological samples from illegal lifeforms, and a female Krissethi scientist kidnapped by the pirates and forced to perform experiments on local lifeforms. Key intel on the pirate operation is revealed, and the team learns of a larger power pulling the strings behind the bio-trafficking. Further investigation will be conducted in their next mission. Thanks Les Petits Joueurs for the great battle report on the Solar Echoes mission, Derelict!

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