Monday, August 8, 2016

A Game Report from France (part 1/5)

We have another battle-report from our Solar Echoes fans in France, Les Petits Joueurs. The French gaming club has completed their second mission together, Derelict. Before the mission, though, the Mission Controller added in some extra transitional material for the players, involving practice at a shooting range, followed by a diner with the other agents, gathered to celebrate the birth of Emma, the daughter of Zach Miller, a Human agent of the Union Guard (Zach Miller is one of our iconic agents, featured on the front cover of the Player's Guide). There were rewards offered to the three best shooters at the shooting range, but unfortunately, other agents beat out the players—they had more luck with their firearms checks. The players then visited the armory and selected new equipment, and they also befriended a Krissethi sergeant at the space station, who spent some time teaching them about combo weapons, a process that allows the characteristics of two weapons to be combined into one. Once they proceeded to the celebration dinner, they all succeeded at their Awareness checks and realized a high-ranking officer was closely watching them to see how they worked as a group and how they approached the human tradition of gift giving at a “baby shower.” Find out tomorrow how the alien characters handled this human custom!

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