Monday, August 1, 2016

Assumptions of the future (part 1/5)

It's easy to assume things will keep progressing forward with technology in our society. We might envision robots everywhere, virtual reality integrated into daily life, frequent travel into space with colonies on other planets, and we even fear artificial intelligence becoming a threat to humankind. Yet all of this relies on something that we're totally taking for granted—energy. We may have the energy to support our technologies now, and we always have before, so why wouldn't it be the same a few decades from now? Tech experts from the Semiconductor Industry Association are predicting a very different scenario. By the year 2040, these experts claim that computers will use more electricity than the entire world can generate. Computers are tied into everything, but what if we no longer have the power to keep these systems running, and some of these are systems we need to keep us alive!

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