Friday, August 5, 2016

Assumptions of the future (part 5/5)

We make a lot of assumptions in life, and one of the biggest errors we've made throughout history is assuming things aren't going to drastically change. That complacency is often what allows for the changes to occur, because people won't admit to themselves what is happening, and fail to stand up to it until it is too late. What can we do, though, about an EMP catastrophe or a financial meltdown? Not much, but some—those we call conspiracy theorists or survival nuts—some have already planned for it. It's hard to say what to do, though: you can buy up gallons of water, non-perishable food, hand-crank radios, and have the full “bug-out bag” ready for a crisis. You can take a stand against government and corporate policies that might eventually lead to these kinds of changes by your votes. Or you can find comfort in the predictability of your life so far, because who knows, maybe everything will be fine—Chicken Little has said the sky was falling before (Y2K, anyone?) and nothing happened.

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