Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Game Report from France (part 3/5)

Following the estimated trajectory of the derelict spacecraft based on the the few distress signals that were received, the team arrived at the designated coordinates to find that the ship was still drifting on its predicted course. The players scanned for life signs, but were unable to get any readings due to the cloud of ionized particles that surrounded the ship. After successful engineering checks, it was determined that the ionized cloud was the result of the ship's engines being powered down abruptly, something any engineer would never have allowed because of the resulting engine damage. Attempts at communication were met with silence, so the team managed to dock their patrol ship with the derelict, cautiously moving onboard to discover what happened to the crew. After succeeding at Awareness checks, the team discovered traces of blood on the floor with evidence that someone tried to wipe up the stains. However, it seemed that nobody was on board, so the team moved to investigate the memory logs on the ship's bridge, hoping to find out what happened. The team entered into cyberspace to hack past security on the ship's data logs, but were unaware that they had already missed something very important...

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