Thursday, August 25, 2016

Modell Painter in France: Low Detail Sculpt

Q. You did an impressive job with the Archaeloid miniature, even though the 3D-print was made of the lower-detail, strong-white and flexible plastic. What challenges did you face, and how were you able to include so much detail? 

A: The real challenge was to build up the contrast with successive highlights of Yriel Yellow, without painting over the lower areas where the base color was supposed to show. The face and tentacles where painted with a base of Stegadon Scale Green, highlighted with Sotek Green. Most of the areas also have a Druchi Violet wash, to deepen the shadows. The gun is simply a mix of different metallics, from Leadbelcher to Runefang Steel, and I took the opportunity of the cylindrical barrel to add some danger stripes in abbadon black and sunburst yellow. The lower-detail, strong-white and flexible plastic has a slight grainy surface, that becomes more smoother after the application of one or two base layers. The main difficulty is to keep track of every bump on the shell and how light is supposed to bounce off them.

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