Thursday, April 13, 2017

Solar Echoes Landing at JohnCon! (part 4)

If you play Solar Echoes at JohnCon, you'll be entered into a raffle to win some free stuff, like the Union Guard Handbook! I'll be bringing some game books for Solar Echoes to the convention at Hopkins this weekend, but this year, among those books will be the new Union Guard Handbook. This booklet contains setting and character info, lots of colorful art for each alien race in Solar Echoes, emblems for each race and other organizations, and color map icons for the characters. All artwork is done by artist John Fell. The UG Handbook showcases not just his character art, but his great emblem designs. Originally, I came up with the idea of emblems for each race because of the Overwatch video game, where each character has personal logo “sprays.” When I talked to Solar Echoes artist John Fell, he loved my idea, and we began brainstorming and passing ideas back and forth. I'm really happy with the emblems he put together, and I plan to do more with them in the future. If not for a JohnCon I attended in 2015, I never would have discovered this talented artist, because one of the convention organizers, Mike, gave me his information when we talked about my goals for the game. You never know who you will meet or what new connections you might make, and for me, making the connection to John through Mike has been a huge boost for the overall look of Solar Echoes. I can't wait to show everyone the UG Handbooks this weekend so they can enjoy John's awesome art!

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