Monday, April 17, 2017

JohnCon and Beta-Testing (part 1)

This Saturday at JohnCon, I met a lot of nice people and really enjoyed trying out the new Solar Echoes rules with players. Despite a computer glitch with my wife's laptop that left me improvising some of the mission I was running, everyone was still able to get a good sense of the game. We spent the first hour building our characters together--even though I offered the pre-made characters as an option, two of the players opted to build their own. Another player brought his character from last year, and another that showed up after we'd started chose one of the pre-made characters so he could jump right in. I ran things with the new dice system, and it worked really well--there was a greater range of rolls, meaning a few more misses than the almost 50/50 chance of success with the old system. However, this didn't slow the fast-paced tempo of the game like I'd worried it might! Once I've officially confirmed with each of the players that they are ok with it, their names will be going into the beta-tester credits of the updated Players Guide!

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