Monday, April 10, 2017

Solar Echoes Landing at JohnCon! (part 1)

A large variety of conventions are run throughout the year, and I've found a number of them where convention goers enjoy playing tabletop role-playing games like Solar Echoes. This coming weekend, from April 14-16, Johns Hopkins University is hosting their annual gamer convention, JohnCon. I get excited for JohnCon every year, for several reasons. One reason is that the Hopkins Homewood campus brings back fond memories from when I took some classes there during college, such as Creative Writing (training which I've definitely used to make Solar Echoes!) Another reason is that I love hanging out with the college crowd, and playing Solar Echoes exclusively with college students is always tons of fun. It's a dynamic quite different from other conventions, and though it isn't a sprawling, crowded event like Balticon, the students that put JohnCon together do a great job, bringing in vendors, putting on comedy shows, providing interesting panel discussions, and running anime, movies and games all night. There's lots of food available and, if you have the stamina of a college student, you can enjoy the convention 24 hours a day--it never closes until the convention ends on Sunday! 

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