Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Solar Echoes Landing at JohnCon! (part 3)

Another reason to stop by and play Solar Echoes at JohnCon this year is that I'll be using 3d-printed miniatures! In the past, I've had to use paper stand-ups for character icons, but now the game is even more immersive because these new mini's look fantastic! Last fall, I worked with 3d-sculpting artist Jeremy Gosser to design models for each alien race. They're available on, and the mini's I'm bringing to JohnCon were printed at Shapeways and delivered to me in the mail. Seven of them were then painted by model hobbyist Saejin Park, so players will be able to use a painted miniature during the game to represent their chosen alien character. As a small bonus, I'll also be showing off my newest 3d-printed miniature: the Reln Voidrunner starship, sculpted by artist Charles Oines! I'm hoping to work with him in the future to make the starships of the 6 other alien character races (maybe through a Kickstarter campaign.) Check out the mini's online here: 

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