Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Artwork in RPG's (part 2)

Artwork is so expensive because it requires a lot of time to produce. I'm a decent artist myself, capable of making sketches that can suitably convey my ideas to others. But my artwork does not have that professional polish or look, even if I spend days on it. Thankfully, though, I have enough artistic ability that I can communicate really well with the artists I commission. When artists I'm working with send me their latest iteration, I can go into an art program like Photoshop and make adjustments, write in details, and send it back for them to polish and adapt the changes I made. It's a very collaborative process, and I especially appreciate artists that are receptive to my ideas and understand my vision. (See example of the process with the artist, John Fell, and how I guided the changes in his art for the final version of the Chiraktis) This art production process takes time, though, often weeks to months, so I decided last year to purchase Photoshop. Now I am able to get in on the process a bit more by myself, producing simple pieces of art or making derivative works of previous art I've commissioned. By being more involved in the art process, I can help speed up overall production speed and get finished products to you more quickly. One thing I've been doing more of recently is combining the art of various artists...

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