Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Solar Echoes Landing at JohnCon! (part 2)

I'm particularly excited about this weekend at JohnCon because the students there will be the very first to try the newest changes to the core Solar Echoes rules. If the players this weekend are willing, I plan to put each of their names into the credits as beta-testers in the Solar Echoes Players Guide update. The updated rulebook will be released online sometime near the end of April or at the beginning of May. At JohnCon, I will be using the new dice system I discussed last month, which involves a few twists to make die rolls more dynamic with greater risks and rewards. I'll also showcase the new rules for the dialogue system, which allows NPC's to "fight back" with their words during a dialogue encounter. Plus, all the alien characters now have a particular biological weakness, which should increase interest in the various weapons available. Gamers at JohnCon will be the first to play with these new systems and have their names immortalized as beta-testers in the credits of the updated Solar Echoes Player's Guide!

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