Friday, April 7, 2017

Artwork in RPG's (part 5)

It's difficult putting together an RPG product and publishing it. Long hours are spent editing and formatting so the text is concise, readable, and presented logically. Graphical design options are limited, but recently I have begun to put in boxes that highlight certain areas, such as stat blocks for enemies and vehicles that characters will encounter. I've also been trying to work a lot of color into recent products—originally, when Solar Echoes began, I was pursuing a physical printing model for my business. I intended to print up lots of books and sell them in game stores and book stores. My first print run was very small, and I knew that printing with color was significantly more expensive than black and white, so I kept most pages down to only a couple colors. However, now that I've shifted my business model more towards digital sales (though I may swing back to physical if I decide to pursue a Kickstarter campaign to that end), I can potentially fill every page with color. As a result, I've been going back to a lot of the artwork I originally commissioned as black and white and have been taking it into Photoshop to touch up and colorize. It's a very long process, but the results are much more appealing. Every time I raise the level of a product, it sets a new standard for future products, so I'm very excited to continue making more products for everyone! Hopefully, you'll spread the word about Solar Echoes so sales will help make this possible. Thanks everyone!

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