Wednesday, April 19, 2017

JohnCon and Beta-Testing (part 3)

Later on Saturday, I was able to run the new demo mission I've been designing and my target run-time of 1 hour was achieved. I was also very happy with the results of the new dialogue system--the recent changes in the rules now allow for an "opposed" persuasion check. This means that npc opponents can "fight back" with their words, adjusting their posture towards the characters negatively if they succeed at their persuasion check against them. The interrogation that occurred between a player and an npc ended up being much more calculated--the player had to more carefully consider what approach he would use each round. Diplomacy would play things safe, but not afford much of a boost if successful. The risk was much less, though, if he failed. Bluffing was a little riskier, and intimidation even more so...

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