Tuesday, April 18, 2017

JohnCon and Beta-Testing (part 2)

Another success at JohnCon was regarding the new character sheets I've been designing. I totally re-organized a lot of the information on the sheets, grouping it in a way that would hopefully make more sense and provide quicker access to the most frequently used character information during a game. The players at JohnCon gave me useful feedback, and it was also great to see that the new sheets helped them to easily understand how the game worked. With the old sheets in the past, I sometimes had to correct people and explain how to conduct skill checks, but with the new character sheet, that didn't happen once. The final step is for Solar Echoes artist, John Fell, to polish the graphical aesthetic of the sheets. I just got an email from him only minutes ago, and work is now underway! These new sheets will be added to the online updates coming soon to the digital versions of the Solar Echoes books.

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