Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Artwork in RPG's (part 3)

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been working on putting together fresh artwork by combining the works of other artists. I'd like to highlight today a recent work that I've “Frankensteined,” using the work of Sarah Carter (Reln and Omul alien characters), Jay Darnell (Reln head), John Fell (Chiraktis character), and Jacob Sumrow (vehicle.) I've included an image below so you can see what the original artwork looked like from each, and then see how I colorized the black and white pieces and combined everything into a new piece of art. Originally, I had thought about using Sarah Carter's fun “road gang” artwork—it has a lot of character and I've used it before in other products. However, I wanted something newer, so I decided to use Jacob Sumrow's sleek gang-skimcar image. I'd intended to simply cut and paste Sarah's aliens into the car, but once I got started, I kept adding bits and pieces from other artists. I hope you enjoy the final result! This can be found in the car chase section of the upcoming demo-kit (which will have a different name...wait for it ;)

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