Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Rule Change Coming Soon!

If you've played Solar Echoes before and remember the dice system, we are considering a few small changes. We've reviewed the probability calculations and the numbers are where we want them, so now all that remains is some playtesting. I'll be running the new system at the next few conventions I attend, but if any Solar Echoes groups would like to playtest it and give us your feedback, we'll send you some free stuff! Message me for the details of the new system if you're interested. We really appreciate any beta-tests from gaming groups, and hope that you like the new design! The changes are being made for several reasons:
1. If your attribute score is 4 and you roll 4 dice, it sometimes felt a little too easy to get a 6, which is nearly the highest roll you can get on a 6-sided die in Solar Echoes (in the old rules, two or more 6's equals a 7)
2. Rolling dice didn't feel very exciting most of the time, but we've added in a little something to watch out for that will add some risk!
3. In the old system, people were disappointed when they rolled three or four 6's and we told them that “two or more 6's equals a 7.” Not so anymore!

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