Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Demo-Kit Details (part 2)

In addition to the colorized art, I've also been looking for a graphic designer to help me re-design the Solar Echoes character sheets. Right now, they are a little stale, as we originally designed them in a rather utilitarian fashion. The challenge is that there is so much information we need to have packed onto one page, it is difficult to make much room for any graphical design. My hope is to also combine the pre-made character sheets and standard character sheets into one, so that new players that start with a pre-made character will be able to make an easy transition when they decide they want to create their own characters. At conventions, depending on the group dynamic, sometimes I spend time helping everyone make their own characters and build an effective team together. That's one of the important parts of Solar Echoes—no single character can effectively cover all skills, so it's vital to make sure that other players are covering various areas. For instance, if you don't have anyone with piloting skills, you won't have a wheelman or starship pilot to operate the vehicles in Solar Echoes. If you don't have anyone with Cybertech skills, you won't be able to hack into secure areas, extract crucial data from computers, or deal with robot AI. No one with the Engineering skill means you can't repair armor, vehicles, or understand how to exploit vehicle design weaknesses, and if nobody has Biotech, your team will be wishing there was a hospital nearby. Designing your characters together, in my opinion, is the best way to begin the Solar Echoes experience!

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