Friday, March 24, 2017

Exciting Changes! (part 5)

There are also some long-term goals for changes in the Player's Guide. I'm tentatively planning a possible Kickstarter campaign, where the goals would be to do a re-print of the core rule-books, more Solar Echoes miniatures (like the rest of the starships!) and possibly even releasing my Solar Echoes novel, the first of a trilogy I'm writing. This Player's Guide reprint would involve all these new details I've mentioned this week, plus, a graphical upgrade! I've been talking to various artists and graphic designers, and looking at what might be possible within the constraints of the material. I'm also experimenting with graphical templates in the upcoming Demo-Kit, to see what might be possible for a small visual overhaul for the Player's Guide. There are some exciting changes ahead, so keep your eyes open for further posts about new developments! If I was to run a Kickstarter campaign, would you consider contributing?

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