Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Demo Kit Beginnings

This last week I've been working on designing a short demo-kit for introducing new players to Solar Echoes. Much of it is based upon the content in the Starter Kit, but it is going to be much shorter, with a learn-as-you-go approach. I've always run things that way at conventions, using the Gun Runners mission in the Starter Kit as a teaching tool, but the demo-kit is designed for other GM's to pick up easily and play the game right away, teaching the game to new players as they play. I've always had a bit of an advantage running the Starter Kit, since I know the game, but I'm hoping the demo-kit will help new GM's pick this up quickly. As I'm putting this together, I'm taking advantage of the tricks I've learned with Photoshop for colorizing some of my old artwork. Check out a couple NPC portraits I've colorized and altered for a new look!

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