Thursday, March 30, 2017

Free or Not? (part 4)

Think about the free things you have accumulated. If it's a free e-book, have you read it yet? If it's a free video game, have you played it for more than an hour yet? It's interesting to note that we tend to undervalue things that we get for free. I know that if I even spend a few dollars on something, I'm going to try to “get my money's worth” by playing it. But I have file folders with tons of free stuff that I've never even opened. I have one service subscription that offers several free games a month for download, but I rarely take advantage of the offerings. If I do, I might play things a couple times and then delete them from my hard drive. Not only do free products become undervalued, but they also create a distracted, impatient, difficult-to-gratify consumer base. This generation of consumers most likely has the shortest product attention span than any generation before it. A variety of new games are released on a weekly basis, so it's easy to hop from one game to the next. Several of my friends have altogether stopped buying games for months on end because of their “game backlog,” games they have bought that they have yet to open up and play. From a company perspective, the climate for putting out new products could not be worse...

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