Friday, March 17, 2017

Demo-Kit Details (part 5)

The demo-kit is nearly finished, and there are only a few steps left. One of the final steps includes playtesting, and that is soon to happen in mid-April at the upcoming convention at John's Hopkins, “JohnCon.” If you are local and can attend JohnCon, you can be included among the players that will be trying out the new dice system. I plan to include the names of the players in the beta-testing credits for the updated Player's Guide. Once we have enough player feedback on the new system, I will upload the new version of the Player's Guide at and anyone that already has the book will receive a notice for a free download to update their old version of the book. I'm excited to receive player feedback, because although internal beta-tests have shown that the dice system works and is more fun, I need a broader response from other gamers. There is one group that might actually get to try the new system before JohnCon, though—a group of gamers in the UK that podcast under the name D20FutureShow have made arrangements with me to try out a game through Skype. I'm looking forward to being a part of their show, and I will post a link to the podcast as soon as it is ready and online. Currently, they've scheduled an interview with me for tomorrow morning, and we'll run the game the following Saturday.

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