Monday, March 13, 2017

Demo-Kit Details

The Solar Echoes Demo-Kit is moving along, and as I've been putting it together, I've also been working to make sure all the artwork used is in color. Most of the artwork I've commissioned over the years has been black and white, because it is not only cheaper to commission, but it keeps printing costs down for the books. However, since I've been shifting over to digital sales more than physical, color art doesn't cost me as much (at least there's no printing cost!) and I've learned how to use Photoshop to add color into these black and white images. I spent some of my time this past weekend colorizing an old piece of art from Sarah Carter that I commissioned back in 2012. It shows an Erwani in cyberspace, hacking into a computer system. Keep in mind, the Erwani is not shown in full—only the upper torso. I like how the artist showed the tendrils of the Erwani emerging from the pod-like hands to interface with the “keyboard.” When I colorized this art, I added a few things, such as the glowing light of the virtual link eye-piece. I also added in some variation on the head-leaves, showing vein-like streaks on the large leaves to make the Erwani's head look like the designs sometimes found on the predatory pitcher plant. I hope you like it—you can find this and other colored art in the upcoming Demo-Kit, which will be...FREE!

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