Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Dice and Statistics

Recently, I've been examining the probabilities inherent in the Solar Echoes dice system, and the numbers are where we want them for the most part. However, through some of the games I've run at conventions, a few players have talked about the feeling of the dice system and I have decided to make an appendix entry in the Player's Guide. This entry will clarify the actual chances for rolling certain numbers, detailed in percentages, so it is easier for players to see what is going on behind the mechanics of the system. In addition to this, I've also been reaching out to a few people online to help with more complex aspects of our dice system—I'm looking for experts in statistics. The Solar Echoes dice system, like some gambling games, has a few hidden angles that I'd like to bring to light for players looking to maximize their understanding to make better tactical choices in the game. Standing in the middle of the room while someone is shooting at you is not wise--if players know their exact chances, I'm betting they'll be keeping behind cover much more often!

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