Thursday, March 23, 2017

Exciting Changes! (part 4)

Do you like knowing the odds? Sometimes we don't want to know, like Han Solo's famous statement to C-3PO in Star Wars, “Never tell me the odds!” But some of us do want to know, so I've put together a new table showing the exact odds of rolling certain combinations of dice in the Solar Echoes system. The odds are detailed both as percentages and as fractions, for those of you that would like to check the math and see how I arrived at those numbers. I warn you, though, the probability calculations were not easy—I had to seek outside help because the many probability charts and equations for gambling that I found online did not deal with the particular system that Solar Echoes uses. A friend of mine, who wishes to remain unnamed, sent me a very detailed proof of how she arrived at her numbers, and it took her 8 full pages to detail the information. After reading her proof and running her calculations myself, and after having several outside sources verify, her numbers are confirmed to be 100% accurate. I put together a table detailing the results, and I've added this table to the back of the Player's Guide in an appendix entry so you can see what your character's chances for success are in Solar Echoes for any skill use. However, if you're like Han Solo and just want to “roll the dice,” you may want to avoid that page at the back of the book!

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