Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Demo-Kit Details (part 3)

I'm trying to break up the text more in the demo-kit with artwork and tables, emphasizing the text through both. I've nearly finished the details on the use of the Persuasion skill, and what better to represent this skill than an image of the alien character with the highest influence attribute, the Reln? I decided to alter existing art and make something original, so I used a combination of resources to do this. I went online to, where I have my 3D-print miniatures available, and loaded up the render for the “Harmless Reln.” I could rotate him to any angle, so I got what I wanted and then did a screenshot. I brought that black &white image in to Photoshop and then colorized it. I also had to add in the eyeballs, since there weren't any in the sculpt image. Then, I replaced the torso with the torso from the artwork by John Fell of a Reln. Finally, I replaced the Reln's left hand with a hand I drew myself, trying to make it look as similar to John's Reln's right hand as I could. I did a few touch-up highlights, contrast and lighting adjustments, and I think I got everything where I want it now. A Reln with two outstretched hands—guys, he's unarmed, and what he's saying makes a lot of sense...I think he must be friendly, right? ;)

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