Thursday, March 16, 2017

Demo-Kit Details (part 4)

If you've played “Gun Runners” from the Solar Echoes Starter Kit, you'll recognize the scenario in the demo-kit. I've taken the mission and compressed it a little, changing some circumstances to produce a shorter experience. I've also added in teaching prompts into the demo-kit, so new GM's (we call them MC's, for “Mission Controller”) can learn and teach the game to players as they play. My hope is that jumping into a game will be much faster and easier for new players and GM's. This will allow people to get a feel for Solar Echoes without having to invest several hours in a mission—my goal is that the shortened mission in the demo-kit will run for about an hour, give or take a 15 minutes. It still depends a little on the players—are they the type to rush in and get the job done, or are they meticulous planners, preparing for every possibly contingency? You never know what types of people will be on a team, but Solar Echoes is a flexible game, and it can be fun with any play-style!

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