Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Exciting Changes! (part 3)

I just finished updating the Player's Guide with the new “Opposed Persuasion Check” rules (ie, Interrogation) and it feels great to finally have that in the book! Now GM's can conduct a dialogue mini-game against players, resisting their attempts at diplomacy, bluff, and intimidate using NPC checks to alter the situation. If ever there was a quantified system for a dialogue battle in an RPG, this is it! Here's a sample scenario: Your character, a Union Guard agent, has captured a smuggler and cuffed him securely to a chair. The smuggler angrily glares at your character, but it's clear that he isn't going anywhere. “Where was the shipment going?!” you ask, adding a bluff into your question, “We've already captured others in your gang and have interrogated them. Don't lie to us!” The smuggler grins at this, “They know as well as I that if they talk, our employer will have us killed. I'm not talking!” The smuggler gained some ground and is getting even more hostile—if he gets the upper hand again, he might be unbreakable. Frustrated that your bluff failed, your character takes a big risk in failing this interrogation and steps things up with intimidation. “What makes you think I won't kill you? I can do worse than that—I can hand you over to our Reln operatives for an invasive mind probe! People lose their memories after those. Now talk!” The smuggler believes you this time, his eyes widening in fear. He is obviously shaken. “Mind probe? You guys are Union Guard, you guys wouldn't do something illegal!” His attempt at reason fails, and your character smiles, “Illegal? Who's going to know? We are the law, after all!” That time, the bluff worked and you've managed to wear down enough of his resolve. The defeated smuggler quickly gives up the information.

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