Friday, July 8, 2016

The Secret Ingredient for a Successful Game (part 5)

Overwatch has followed the same Blizzard formula. With 21 characters to choose from, you'd expect some overlap, but each character feels unique and plays differently. Players can easily find several characters that suit their playstyles, and I even found myself branching out into playstyles outside my comfort zone (I'm still horrible with snipers!) Each character has a variety of spoken phrases, skins (colors and outfits), victory poses, art tags, etc. that can be unlocked with extended play. I could go on and on detailing the differences, but once again, Blizzard has done it—they've made characters that are exciting and full of personality. Blizzard has provided enough variety that there are always a few characters that each person can identify with. I admit, I've tried to take a cue from Blizzard in the design of the Solar Echoes characters, giving each alien race a distinctly different feel, look, personality, and culture. Thanks, Blizzard, for continuing to make great games, and for inspiring me in game design!

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