Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Robot Violates Asimov's First Law (part 3/5)

What will the repercussions be of an incident like the K5 injuring a little child? One incident is rarely enough to shake an industry to its core, but if more incidents like this occur in the future, there may be a change of course in the robotics industry. It's similar to a dangerous intersection—amazingly, there is actually a quota of car accidents that must be met before the department of transportation will consider some intersections for the installation of a traffic light! How many robot-related injuries need to occur before specific regulations are established? This question is actually addressed in the Solar Echoes mission, “The Seeds of Chaos,” where shopping mall robots suddenly malfunction and go on a rampage, attacking and injuring shoppers. In the Solar Echoes universe, robots are commonplace and they perform jobs in serving or protecting the public, and some robots even perform jobs that would be too dangerous for people to attempt, even working in lethal environments. The robot industry in the Solar Echoes universe is huge, but what would happen if peoples' faith in robots was shaken by a number of incidents involving robots malfunctioning and putting people in danger? What does our own future look like in this regard?

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