Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Solar Echoes at Shore Leave 2016 (part 3/5)

The demise of the Krissethi agent was looking certain, since none of the other agents on his team would be able to get to him within the 3 rounds (equal to his stamina attribute) he had before he bled out and was officially dead. Dire situations like this are when something miraculous needs to happen, and that's why all 1st level characters start with 1 “hero point.” You can get an additional hero point if you are voted as the MVP at the end of a game session by other members of your team. A hero point allows you to auto-stabilize, which means that you can stop the countdown to bleed out yourself if you are in the dying stage. Your character will still be unconscious, but you will no longer be in danger of dying, and you can later be resuscitated by a dose of minor healing nanites. The Krissethi agent had to use his hero point to stabilize, and then waited until another agent could get to him.

Meanwhile, the two of the other agents on his team opened the garage for a distraction and rushed in, hiding behind the cars while exchanging gunfire. At the same time, two of the other agents entered from behind through the side door of the warehouse, and the Chiraktis agent grabbed the target in a grapple and dragged him backwards, back out of the warehouse, under the protection of the human agent that had entered with him—she laid down cover-fire and protected his retreat, before she exited as well. It was the human agent who later went back to retrieve and revive the fallen Krissethi, and he was thankfully able to rejoin the team. The rest of the smugglers were stopped, except for the gang leader, who escaped in a hover-car. A car chase ensued, but the team managed to maintain close range to his vehicle and shot up his engine, bringing his car to a crashing halt. Though we had to finish the mission there, the team had performed impressively, achieving all of their mission objectives!


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