Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Secret Ingredient for a Successful Game (part 2)

Consider that each of Blizzard's huge hits is in an entirely different genre, which makes their success even more impressive. Though they might spend years in development, each game they release flies to the top of the list for that particular genre. The Diablo series was a massive success in the genre of action-RPG's. Explore and design your character as he levels up, constantly juggling new pieces of powerful loot to further enhance him so that you can take on tougher enemies, advance further, and gain even more powerful loot. The addictive carrot-and-stick system worked so well that it was copied by countless other game companies, with varying degrees of success. Blizzard essentially established the genre themselves, and they set a standard. When Blizzard entered the genre of RTS's (Real-Time Strategy), their first offering, Warcraft, was a great success, but it paled in comparison to the incredible popularity of Starcraft. Starcraft is still very popular, decades later, and South Korea even has professional Starcraft players with tournaments aired on TV.

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