Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Solar Echoes at Shore Leave 2016 (part 2/5)

During the first game I ran at Shore Leave, the team was supposed to raid a warehouse where a gun deal was being made. The team hacked the controls to the garage door and also positioned two agents at the side entrance, while sending their fifth agent to the roof. That agent, a stealthy Krissethi, quietly crawled into the air duct system and made his way to an air vent opening, where he could look down and see some of the warehouse. He quietly moved to another section in the air ducts and removed the screws of the grate, succeeding at his stealth check. The agent then released a tiny flying drone into the warehouse, with the video feed broadcasting to the other agents so they could see and plan their tactics. Unfortunately, though, the Krissethi failed his stealth check and the smugglers grabbed the military assault rifles and opened fire, guessing at his position based on the noise they had heard. I assigned numbers to three squares near the agent: 1 and 2 for the square with the grate, 2 and 3 for the second square, and 4 and 5 for the third square. The player decided to jump to second square to avoid the bullets, but out of the five smugglers, three of them ended up focusing on that very square as a result of the random die rolls I made to select the squares they targeted. The Krissethi agent was reduced to unconscious/dying bio-status, which meant that, unless a teammate could reach him with healing nanites within 3 rounds, he would bleed out and be dead! Find out what happened to him...tomorrow!

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