Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Interview with model painter, Saejin Park (part 2/3)

Question: What painting techniques do you use, and where did you learn them? What tools and paints do you prefer?
Saejin: There are several painting techniques, such as fading, washes, decolouration, dry-brushing, and paint chips. They all depend on what/how I want to delineate.
There are no specific time frames I learned these techniques. Whenever I look at well-built models and want to apply these techniques to my models, I have tried to learn them. Fortunately,there are numerous resources available these days, modelling books, many modelling websites and youtube. Also, many model/paint companies provide very useful video clips to explain these skills.
For painting large area,I usually use lacquer or acrylic paints with an airbrush.In order to describe fine details, I use oil or enamel paints. Recently, I am using pigments, but still needs to practice more.

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