Friday, July 22, 2016

Solar Echoes at Shore Leave 2016 (part 5/5)

The final battle-report for last weekend's Shore Leave convention involves the end of the Derelict mission, where the team of agents finally located the pirate's hideout on a desolate planet. The team braved many dangers to find the hideout, barely surviving deadly alien lifeforms and an attack by a Krissethi sniper team (they managed to escape the snipers by using a nanite hedge/wall and smoke grenades so they could flank them.) The team finally arrived at a ledge overlooking a flat area where pirates were loading contraband onto stolen starships. However, instead of springing into action, the team passionately debated their tactics and overall strategy for quite a while.

The team finally decided to send their two Krissethi characters down into the group of pirates, disguised as the sniper team they had defeated. It was an excellent ploy, and it worked at first, until they were standing close to the pirates, spoke, and failed their disguise check. Suddenly, the pirates were drawing their pistols and katanas, so the characters dropped a smoke grenade and the others waiting on the ridge rushed into action. The team was surprised to discover, however, that the Krissethi pirates were quite accustomed to the low gravity on the planet—suddenly, Krissethi were leaping 50 ft. through the air and landing everywhere with aggressive katana strikes. One of the characters used her “Play Possum” talent and tricked several Krissethi into thinking she had been killed already in the crossfire, and she managed to surprise and take out two of the pirates by herself. It was a brutal fight, but in the end, the characters managed to defeat the pirates, and they even rescued a female Krissethi biologist that was being held hostage, uncovering information that could eventually lead into another mission. I should mention that one of the Krissethi players decided the female biologist was his new girlfriend!

It was a great weekend, and the players at Shore Leave were fantastic—they were very clever, great at role-playing, and were a lot of fun to hang out with. Thanks, everyone, for making Shore Leave an awesome Solar Echoes experience!

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