Thursday, July 28, 2016

Robot Violates Asimov's First Law (part 4/5)

The Knightscope company that manufactures the K5 robot issued an apologetic statement regarding the injuries sustained by the toddler, and Knightscope felt it was important to also point out that their robots have driven over 25,000 miles without similar incidents. Knightscope also provided their description of the event, based on the data gathered from the robot's sensors: “A K5 Autonomous Data Machine (Machine Identification Number 13) was patrolling at a local shopping center when, at approximately 2:39pm PDT, a child left the vicinity of his guardians and began running towards the machine. The machine veered to the left to avoid the child, but the child ran backwards directly into the front quarter of the machine, at which point the machine stopped and the child fell on the ground. The machine’s sensors registered no vibration alert and the machine motors did not fault as they would when encountering an obstacle. Once the guardians retrieved the child and the path was clear, the machine resumed patrolling. The entire incident lasted a few seconds and a scrape on the child’s leg and a bruise with minor swelling were reported.“

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